Our activity

Live-Action-Role-Playing games are psychological simulations during which participants reincarnate and play any characters executing everything what could be only as a dreams, plunging into absolutely different situations. Each action requires the preparation and developing of imagination and also opening of new abilities and skills. Participants of LARPG have unique opportunities not only to test themselves every time, but also to feel what they daily don't face... Successor of the richest family? Dwarf? Wizard? Warrior? These are some examples of the one whom it is possible to become during the game. Role-playing games are a transformation while you get knowledge of the new fantasy world, it is theater where there is no audience, and the world around changes by the imagination of participants.

Support us!

Whether you knew that the Lauretaur club can be supported financially by trasnsferring 2% of the paid income tax? Under the law of the Republic of Lithuania each working citizen can transfer up to 2% of the income tax for any instance having rights of receiving support. To make it rather simply - once a year till May 1 is required to fill the FR0512 v.2 form in VMI. It can be done by electronic banking. Come in here and follow instructions. Requisites of Lauretaur club which can be necessary for you filling this form are provided below:

Name of the recipient: Asociacija "Lauretaur"
Recipient's code: 300564705
B/a number: LT 07 7044 0600 0554 9633

For what purposes we use this money?

The support we get from 2% of income tax makes the lion's share of yours donations. We use them on:

- Payment and maintenance of our club & events websites;
- Partial coverings of organizational expenses;
- Promotional products.

We thank for your support in advance!