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"Lauretaur" is...

...the club of adherents which legal form is the association. Club organizes Live Action Role Playing Games in Lithuania and in the Baltic region format, holds Modern Sword Fighting trainings and participates in fencing Tournaments, promotes healthy style of life, crosscultural communication and trains in acting skills.

Our aims


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We are engaged in


Organization of LARPG

Live action role playing games improve physical skill and train in art of acting. Games bring together participants from different countries what really promotes cross-cultural communication.


Holding of MSF trainings

Modern Sword Fighting is a full contact sport discipline in which are using analogs of medieval weapons - sport swords, shields, helmets and other equipment which is made from soft polymers.


Attributes creation for LARPG

For our club and our organizing games we create fantastic attributes which are successfully used for maintenance of authenticity and the atmosphere on every event, fest or game.

Our team

Events of ASSOC "Lauretaur" in 2018 year


I Lithuanian Tournament of MSF

Coming in 2018/05/19

In Vilnius will take a place the first Lithuanian Tournament of Modern Sword Fighting! In three Tournament categories will fight more than 20 skilled knights representing various schools of fencing: HEMA, MSF, Husar Fencing, HMB. They will be supported by their relatives and friends!


LARPG "Baldur's Gate"

Coming in 2018/07/21

Game masters of Visaginas club of role-playing games together with Lauretaur club and the Aurora venue team are calling to the adventures in Baldur's Gate! It will be the unique one-day social game connected from the legends of players and written by the world of Faerun lore.


Comic Con Baltics 2018

Coming in 2018/09/15-16

Already the second year in a raw taking the place massive event of pop subcultures. Here you will meet Hollywood stars; you will see perezentation of the newest movies; you will see the largest cosplay competition of the Baltic States. Comic Con Baltics – here meet all heroes!


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Concerning organization of events:
+370 67150170     Dmitrij @Rakot
Concerning production of attributes:
+370 60287148     Motiejus @Motiejulis
Also write us on an e-mail:

The training hall of MSF in the center "Mes":

Concerning the program of trainings:
+370 68089570     Dmitrij @Dagnir
Schedule of trainings:
Sunday 11.00-13.00